you need
  • - expanded clay,
  • - scissors,
  • - soil for citrus,
  • - sand,
  • - plastic bottle,
  • - ¬ęKornevin."
necessary to pick ripe escape with a well-formed leaves for future propagation and divide by cuttings.Take a sharp knife, slice the kidneys below three millimeters, remove the two lower leaves, and the next two or three leave.If the leaves are too long - shorten their two-thirds of ordinary scissors.The upper cut must be above the sheet five millimeters.In the same way, prepare the remaining stalks and put them in a solution of "Kornevina."
is followed to prepare the future teplichku, for this you need a normal plastic bottle (two-liter).At the point where the ends of the bottle neck, the circumferential cut it by cutting off the nec
k.At the bottom, do a few holes to drain excess water.The neck of the bottle firmly and easily sit on the bottom.
Fill the container to the bottom layer of expanded clay or small stones (performing the function of drainage) and a layer of sand, pour almost to the edges of prepared soil consisting of soil for citrus plants and sand in a ratio of one to one.Insert the cuttings into two or three centimeters and abundantly pour that water acted on the pallet.Drain the excess water and cover the neck of the stalk, put in a bright and warm place.The optimum temperature for the contents of germs - 25 degrees.
During rooting do not need to water them.Once the plant takes root, and this can be seen through the bottle, gently transplant into prepared pots, the capacity of which must be one liter.
Place homemade teplichku so that the front part of the leaves fall as much daylight.Sunlight is a must for the plant, since forming process of photosynthesis.It is desirable that all the leaves are getting the right amount of light, so for example, stem with three leaves take root faster than a plant with one leaf.