you need
  • - seedling plants;
  • - small saucer;
  • - universal primer for indoor plants;
  • - copper wire;
  • - a sharp knife.
for growing bonsai indoors suit Ficus benjamina, pomegranate, myrtle, hibiscus geptapleurum, Acacia room, bougainvillea, gardenia, Allamanda, Ixora and many other plants.Traditional bonsai trees, such as pine, juniper, maple, cypress very poorly tolerate the climate and apartments are suitable only for garden cultivation.
find a suitable plant, a small but well-developed crown, remove it from the container in which it is grown and prune the roots by about one third and transplant it into a flat pot.Once the plant will get stronger, you can proceed to the formation of the crown.Prischipnite its top and side shoots, remove all the branches and
leaves at the bottom.The shape of the bonsai can give absolutely any that you like, but the only condition that should resemble a miniature copy of the big tree.
to desired shape branches, copper wire wrap branch plants and fix them with the cargo.Periodically remove the wire, preventing it growing into a branch.Approximately three months after the branch "remember" their new shape.Giving a new look, again wrap the branches and trunk.Regularly during the growing pinch and remove unnecessary branches.
To give whimsical shape of the trunk, lay next to him a stone which will give the plant to develop properly and twisted trunk.
order to "wear" the bark trees, crop it, remove the small areas where the wounds will heal, it will resemble the trunk of an old ancient tree.
Every two years Repot bonsai.Roots cut the end of every transplant.At the bottom lay drainage from bowls or expanded clay pebbles, as the plant is contraindicated in stagnant water, because of this, the roots may rot.In general, so the plant grows slowly, keep it on a lean diet, watered as the drying of the soil.To trap moisture, plant moss around the plant.Fertilizing do several times per season.