you need
  • - pineapple;
  • - pot;
  • - soil;
  • - a plastic bag;
  • - mullein;
  • - iron sulfate.
For cultivation in the home must have no pineapple dried green leaves without blemishes and damage.Fruit itself chooses not frostbitten, and not overripe, and especially not spoiled.
Cut the tip of a sharp knife, remove all the pulp, or will rot and all the work will be lost.Then dry the tip of 2-3 weeks.
Prepare a container for planting pineapple house.To do this, take a clay pot spacious.On its bottom lay the broken shards, pieces of bricks or shingles.It will drain.Then pour augmentation of yield, for her, take equal parts of peat, leaf soil, birch chips.Add a little sand.Then the mixture is steam the steam.
have dried up stalk of pineapple, remove some of the lower leaves and put him into the damp earth.Top Spray from the sprinkler and cover with a plastic bag.
Put a pot of pineapple on the lighting in the room with a temperature of 25 ° C.Watered regularly, but do not pour.If done correctly, after 2 months appear young leaves.
To flowered pineapple on the windowsill, and even gave the fruit, it is necessary to stimulate flowering annual transplant into larger containers.Furthermore, it should provide an exotic guest special conditions;
• daylight hours at least 12 hours;
• acidified watering melt or rain water .;
• room temperature 22-24oS winter, summer - within 28-30oS;
• feeding mullein 2 times per month from February to September;
• regular watering (1-2 times per month) and spraying with a solution of iron sulphate (1 g per 1 liter).
Pineapple from the top bloom in 3-4 years after planting.And six months after that, you can eat-grown sweet fragrant fruit.