you need
  • - charcoal;
  • - Ā«Appin-extra";
  • - soil mixture.
deterioration houseplant can be caused by stress due to rapid changes in conditions.This happens when the end of summer the plants are transferred from the balcony of the room or, alternatively, the spring is moved to the open air.This tsitusovye and rubber plants may lose leaves.Hibiscus and rubber plants may lose leaves from the simple movement within a room and changing light conditions.
To lossless plant could survive a stressful situation, change the conditions
of detention should be gradual.If you move potted flowers outdoors they need to pritenyat from the bright lights too.This is especially true orchids requiring night time temperature reduction to lay the flower buds.
If alleviate stressful situation for the plant could not help spraying with a solution, "Alpin-extra".Five liters of soft water need one vial of the drug.
One of the many reasons that plant to rescue, is the failure of farming: excessive moisture, sometimes combined with roots of hypothermia and lack of light.Most often suffer from it succulents, dieffenbachia and dracaena.
can try to save the plant , limiting the watering and providing additional lighting.If a flower is in the winter on a cold window sill, should place it on a layer of insulating material, which is not bad as a suitable packing foam.
If due to excess watering a plant rotten roots need to transplant the plant a new ground by cutting damaged roots.Sprinkle the cut charcoal after pruning.You can add a small amount of charcoal into the new soil mix.
It may be that the deplorable state of the plants was noticed too late, and the flower is completely lost his roots.In this situation, you can try to save what's left.Cut with a sharp knife healthy part of the stem and dry cut and sprinkle it with activated charcoal.-Rooted cuttings resulting possible, depending on the plant species in the water in moist sand or perlite.
from escaping tolstyanok can gently break off a few leaves and put them on the surface of moist soil.Even if you do not take root cuttings large, you get a few young plants from leaf cuttings.
rotten due to waterlogged cactus can be saved by cutting the plant to healthy tissue.Lightly grind the cut, if the value of the remaining parts of the plant allows it, and drain it for a few days.To put rooting stalks upright in the container, the bottom of which lies a layer of loose crumpled paper.To cuttings do not stretched out, put them in a well lit place.