order to create a beautiful bouquet, experienced florists primarily advised to pay attention to the compatibility of colors, shapes and techniques of its preparation.
the choice of colors you can rely on your taste and not to limit the impulses of imagination.You can create a monochrome bouquet which always looks nice and can pick up and the different tone colors.But in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that some colors are not quite fit together.For example, it is not necessary to collect a bouquet of lilies and poppies, do not tolerate the presence of other types of roses, daffodils, lilies of the valley.
composition necessarily complement the greens or
branches.If you add to the bouquet branch of geranium, it can significantly extend the life of other flowers.The winning look and bouquets with decorative elements - a variety of ribbons, lace, etc.But in any case, do not pile up a bunch - in all necessary measure.
The shape of bouquets can be very diverse - circular, linear, one-sided - it all depends on the purpose and size of the vase.So, the large composition better placed in a high bowl and put it on the floor.On the table will look best round in shape and low and bouquet.For wall shelves are perfect for flowers with drooping stems.For registration of business events more suitable bouquets linear form.
Round bouquets are usually composed around a single flower.Take a flower in his left hand and the right start adding to it next.This flower stems come into contact only binding site, so try to put these flowers in a spiral.In the process, you can add color to the greens.At the end of tie bouquet in the very spot where the stems touch.
Unilateral bouquets are very simple in its execution of their component of plants with different lengths.Longest plants are usually set back, shorter - ahead tiers.It is important to put the large and bright flowers in the center, then your bouquet will turn out very effectively.
Linear bouquets collected from a small number of plants with the addition of openwork branches, stems, leaves.