Tip 1: How to dry roses

In the life of every woman and girl are times when it is presented rose .I would like to keep the beautiful, but whimsical flowers not only in my heart, but also in a vase.For this we offer some simple but useful tips to dry rose and do it correctly, without losing sight of these wonderful flowers.
you need
  • - scissors;
  • - wire or wire;
  • - hanger;
  • - box;
  • - white sand.
take quite a bit of time and effort, and you can already enjoy the flowers and find them affection.There is even the option that involves combine dried rose and svezhie.Itak, the two most common methods for drying roses.The first method involves using dried flowers air.Here you need scissors, wire slightly, depending on the number of buds, and placing the hanger, which should be dark and dry.
first cut the stems of roses are so close to the buds, as much as possible.Then slip the bud wire length of about 15-20 cm. It ends on a hanger wrap between each bud leave the room to calm the air could blow it o
n all sides.Rosebuds while should be "upside down".
Ready to put a hanger in the room for this purpose is well suited empty linen closet.As a rule, rose are dried thoroughly for 3 weeks.
little more effort requires a second method zasushki roses with sand, but the result of such a process is much different from the first method of drying roses.Trim the flower at its beautiful flowering buds on the stem should be about 2.5 cm.
starting the process of drying only after the stems and leaves are completely dry, that is, they will notwater or dew.Just as in the first case, to place the wire bud.
Then take the open box, to put rosebuds and start filling the empty space of white sand - as long as the flowers will not be able to stand upright.Fill carefully empty space right in the bud rose , so he kept the original shape.Let the colors dry thoroughly 1-3 weeks and gently tilting the box, remove the rose .

Tip 2: How to dry flowers

Flowers - it is not only the best gifts for the holidays, but also signs of attention for a reason.I so want to please the eye beautiful bouquets and decorate the interior rooms as long as possible.There are several ways to preserve color.One of them - the right to dry the flowers, while the composition of which will be a very long time.
Dry and beautiful.
you need
  • dark ventilated room
  • Vata
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Semolina
  • Sand
easiest waydried flowers - in a dark, cool well ventilated area.Before drying the flowers in a way you want to remove all the leaves from the stems, tie them in several pieces and hang out.In a draft flowers dry quickly, but thanks to the bright colors of the dark resist fading.
also can be dried flowers in the sand.To do this, pour a little sand in a deep bowl, and then put the flower and sprinkle it completely.It will take at least a week, and only then the flower can be removed by gently raking the sand.If it is difficult to find the sand, then with the same success it can be used semolina.
also flowers can be dried with cotton wool.To do this, take a small box and make holes in it.Then, on the bottom of the box put a layer of cotton wool, gently threaded through holes in the stems of the flowers, you can also wrap the head with cotton wool.Thereafter, the box is suspended.Readiness is determined by the drying of the stem.If it is well dried, then dried flower, too.
If drying will be subject to the thicker branches and twigs with berries, then you need to load branch to a solution of two parts water and one part glycerol for a few days.Berries after such treatment is not Will fly.
Try dried flowers in a room with low humidity as possible.
Helpful Hint
If flowers are many small details, or after drying, they become brittle, the use of conventional hairspray will increase their strength.It is necessary to spray the paint on the flowers from a distance of 30-50 cm.