you need
  • - ficus sapling;
  • - pot;
  • - concrete block;
  • - ready soil for figs;
  • - a special complex fertilizer for figs.
to Ficus benjamina to choose a permanent place, as it is not recommended to rearrange, the plant does not like it and may lose leaves.The temperature should not be below 15 ° C, Ficus does not like hypothermia.The ideal room temperature 23-25oS.It should be noted that the place is well ventilated ficus, but no drafts.Photophilous plant, but does not tolerate direct sunlight.
Ficus propagated by cuttings.Cut the stalks 7-10 cm long. To get rid of latex, which it will start to allocate, put it in water for a couple of
hours, then change to fresh water and leave for a few hours.The day will need to change the water several times.When will all the milky juice, put a stalk (the bottom part) in pure water.A few weeks later there will be roots.
Plant stalks.Choose a pot with a diameter of 10 cm. At the bottom pour drainage from expanded clay, then fill it with a special primer ready for figs.Make a hole in the ground and place the rooted cutting.Sprinkle the soil, compacted and pour.
plant care is watering, fertilizing and transplanting.The frequency of watering depends on the room humidity and temperature.The plant should be watered after the dry top layer of soil in the pot.You can check this in the following way.Insert the pencil into the soil (or any other wand) and pull out.If the damp earth stuck to it at a distance of 2-3 cm from the surface, then you need to water the ficus.
plant responds very well to spray.Do it in between waterings, especially if the room air dry.
Ficus to feed in the spring and summer, every 2-3 weeks with special complex fertilizers.In autumn and winter, only one feeding per month.
Ficus Benjamin is growing quite quickly and in a few years can grow up to 2-3 meters in height, so it must be periodically transplanted into a larger pot size.An indication to transplantation are the roots, get out of the holes on the bottom of the pot.
Pick capacity more than the previous pot at 3-4 cm in diameter and deeper into it.Sprinkle the bottom of the drainage from the expanded clay and fill the pot 1/3 soil.Remove the rubber plant from the old pot close, shake off the ground and wash the roots, cut off all the rotten and corrupt.
Place the plant in a pot, straighten roots, pour the ground and pour water at room temperature.Transplant - is stressful for the ficus, so he can dump the leaves, but soon, under favorable conditions it growths lush foliage.
Ficus can make absolutely any shape, cutting and prischipyvaya tree.Pruning should be done only in the spring - it will encourage the plant to issue new shoots, so that Kroon will become much more magnificent and more beautiful.Before working obezzarazte secateurs solution of potassium permanganate.After cutting slices sprinkle with powdered activated carbon or wood.