you need
  • - flowers,
  • - a knife for trimming,
  • - vase (basket of flowers).
for better compositions Cut flowers early in the morning, when the leaves and buds are not yet fully opened, and moisture accumulation behind the night had not yet evaporated.These flowers stand for longer and will look better.
When composing, do not use branches from other songs, even if they look fine, since these plants already have the bacteria, which then fall into the water as a result of such a composition of colors not stand forlong.
When composing consider the purposes for which it is intended.If it is a gift, f
or male and female flowers of different colors are suitable.Roses are considered masculine, gladioli, calla lilies, orchids.It should avoid the delicate shades (pink, white, pastel).Men's bouquets are usually oblong, elongated upward.For a business partner a bouquet must be strict in its form, it is better to use large flowers (gladiolus, anthurium).The color composition should be busy and active, well, if it is to reflect the character of the person who is.When composing for registration of the room looking at the style of the room, and in accordance with the composition of these components .For larger rooms, you can make bouquets of large flowers large and put them in the floor vases.For small rooms, you can make a small flower baskets that emphasize comfort room.
Before working trim the ends of the stems, so they then absorb moisture better.In woody plants (lilacs, jasmine) laminate the stem with a knife.Some plants (eg, peony) the end of the stem will need to burn, so as not to milkweed and does not affect other colors in the composition.If you can, instead of tap water is best to use rainwater or melted.
in any composition, including the flower should be some emphasis that will attract the eye.Typically, the role played by large and bright flowers.They are placed in the center and put around a small and inconspicuous plants.
By colors second scheme composition can make the contrast, for example, use of white and blue flowers.And you can make a bouquet of red flowers , but pick them up in different shades (from pale red to bright scarlet), and all this splendor is surrounded by green leaves.
Some of the flowers wither quickly if they are combined with other species.For example, daffodils, carnations, lilies, poppies and lilies of the valley is better to put separately.But geranium or arborvitae branch, on the contrary, allows the composition longer maintain its freshness and beauty.