you need
  • - flowers;
  • - ornamental foliage;
  • - vase;
  • - artistic taste;
bouquets - a creative process that requires the originator accuracy and artistic taste.To date, there are no strict rules or specific rules to be followed when folded bouquets.However, there are general guidelines, the implementation of which allows you to add a beautiful and stylish bouquets Referring to put bouquets - tsvetov.Pervym preparation stage folding bouquet of flowers is needed truncation.Cut flowers at an angle and immediately put them in the water.If this is not possible, before diving into the water make a new cut, preferably under running water - this will prevent air probki.Optimalnoe time for cutting flowers - early morning or late vecher.Pered how to fold
the bouquet, you need to remove the extra leaves from the stem, andand thorns and spikes.
How to fold bouquets - make up only kompozitsiyu.Esli you master the art of ikebana, stop your choice on monochrome bouquets, which are used for the production of flowers of one color.The optimal number of types of flowers for a bouquet - one or two, not counting the decorative greenery.Position the flowers so that the head is positioned at different heights - this will give the texture of flowers.Place the flowers and greenery free - dense bouquets not allow to fully reveal the beauty of each tsvetka.Sozdayte focal point at which the delayed first.This may be a bright large flower bud or textured, located in the center of the composition.
How to fold bouquets - select vazu.Osoboe attention is paid to the selection of vases for bouquets.Ideally, the vase should be neutral colors: white, black or gray.When choosing a vase guided by a simple rule - for the rich and colorful bouquet need strict laconic vase.If you choose a colorful vase fanciful shapes, the bouquet should be different minimalism bordering on austerity.Form the vase must also be in harmony with the shape of the bouquet.High bouquets look great in tall, narrow vases and low and sharopodobnye bouquets need a broad low vases.The optimum ratio of the bouquet and vases 1: 2.