you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - a set of simple pencils of different softness;
  • - eraser.
learn to draw the human figure from memory is very difficult, so take the model for posing.Ask the sitter to stand in a comfortable position, you can gently put one leg to the side, put his hand on a high table or chest of drawers.Clothes must be tight, with no extra folds, so that you can see the structure of the body and transfer it to paper.
At the first stage you need to find a schematic and proportions (in the form of geometric figures) to identify the main parts of the body.Spend the central vertical line, which will be the axial center of human figure.Divide it into seven approximately equal parts.The man's head covers 1/7 of the total growth.Thin horizontal line
s divide the center line into several parts - legs, torso, neck and head.Try to properly convey the proportions of the human.Head draw a oval legs in the form of 2 elongated ovals, connecting the knee.Hands are composed of three parts.The trunk can also be schematically divided into three parts - part of the shoulder and chest ?, average (stomach) and hip part.
At the second stage of the work in more detail Draw body model.Take a pencil medium soft.Thin lines represent the start of the body.Start with the upper body, draw the shoulders, arms and hands.Detailed draw each finger is not necessary, you can do it at the last stage.Then go to the torso model - highlight the chest, waist and legs begin to paint.Try to smooth out the rough edges and lines convey elegance and plasticity of the figures.
final stage of work is detailed drawing figures and the identification of volume.Take a hard pencil and mark features.Draw the fingers, hair, clothing items.Soft pencil tap volume figures, gradually blurring the shadow of the neat touches.Finish the job by highlighting the darker smooth contour shapes, locks of hair, emphasize chest and protruding to the fore leg or arm.