you need
  • henna, black tea, lemon, thin brush to paint, paper, printer
In order to apply the tattoo, you will need to prepare a special solution of henna.To get started, take black tea and a small cup, measure out 2 tablespoons of tea and pour boiling water.Wait a few minutes until the tea is brewed, then get a strong infusion let cool.
After that, take a black henna, measure 4-6 tablespoons, mixed with tea.Then take half of small lemon and squeeze it into a solution of henna and tea.Mix thoroughly.You should not get very dense and not very liquid consistency, which you want to leave for 24
While the solution will insist, go online, type in a search engine: " tattoo ", go to the section of pictures and select the desired image.The result will satisfy you, choose a simple black drawing, which could be cut out of paper.
Then print the image on a printer.Fold a piece of paper, and will cut the pattern from the inside, so as to obtain a stencil.Once the solution infusion, prepare necessary for printing supplies.
cotton pad Clean the surface of the skin where you want to put the tattoo.Place tattoo better to get rid of the hair, drawing lie straighter.Then attach the stencil to the skin, take a fine brush, dipped it in the pre-solution and fill the space inside the stencil.
Once you have done the required number of henna, let it dry out, it will take about an hour.Then rinse with henna and boldly tell my friends that did the tattoo, believe me, this no doubt.