you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.
Prepare the necessary materials for work.Select, you'll draw from life, from photos or memory.In the latter case - Think in what position your model will be drawn.If you draw a living person - give it some convenient and beautiful posture.Depending on the posture, position the sheet vertically or horizontally.With a simple pencil sketch start to perform.
Schedule main lines of the figures - the line of the back, legs and RUG.Give them the right direction.Then the "relaunch" in the line of geometric shapes.Start with the body, which mark the oval, and then schedule a round head.Elongated oval label limb.Then check the proportions of the body, the ratio of the arms and legs, how many times the head is deposited in the body and so on.
Start to perform clarifying drawing lines
of the body.Do not try to keep a straight continuous line, draw an easy and fast strokes, editing and refining the direction of the line in place, without the use of the eraser.Check mark the shape of the head and hair.Then move on to the shoulders and chest.Gradually drawing down in the body from the head to the feet, finish specifying job.Use the eraser edit the direction of the lines, erase an auxiliary pattern.
schedule and draws the face.For an exact figure on the face swipe a middle vertical line, horizontal line, then the eyes, nose and mouth.Pay attention to drawing the chest.At this point, you can begin to light a hatch and using light and shadow to give the volume of the body.If the model is, the darkest shadow will be under it.
Further figure pencil shading can resort to a piece of paper.Also, edit the image eraser, which can draw on as a shaded pencil .Emphasize make clearer line in the foreground picture.