you need
  • list of necessary things, even the procedures that you need, is very extensive, so you should apply directly to the user manual to learn more about everything.
Not everyone will dare to make a permanent tattoo is often preferred time (tired - can be removed without problems at any time).For temporary tattoos suit special pencil to paint the body, it is able to draw smooth and clean lines, can survive on the skin for three days.In pencil applied to the liquid, which will make the tattoo more durable, that is, it will increase the period of 3 days to a week.
also effective to use a marker (pen) for the tattoo.Wash it much harder than a pencil, and the brightness of the lines he will not give even a real ta
ttoo.Keeps the average 3-4.The marker may be of two types: water-based and alcohol.In the first case, he will hold the skin less and wash off but lighter than the second type of marker.
temporary tattoos on the skin that will last about three days, you can also paint with the help of multi-colored paints in tubes.They are suitable for drawing openwork patterns and drawings to cover large areas of the body.These paints are perfect lie, do not spread.
convenient means for applying a pattern - a special spray.Use it to cover both large and small surface of the skin, taking advantage of the stencils (in its ability to act as a simple and lace), and you can simulate a scattering of sequins on the body.Will hold a drawing to three days, that if you want to wash off easily with soap and water.