you need
  • - notes;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - crayons or paint.
twenty or thirty years ago, the stores can be found interesting toy - a movie camera, which consists of three main parts: a small window for viewing films, handles scrolling film and immediately the tape itself,which was a lot of nearly identical frames.But he had only to put the film into the projector and begin her scroll, as in the window appeared a real cartoon.Create something like a cartoon and can be at home.And rest assured: such activity will appeal to your baby.
not forget to tell your child that a cartoon - a truly difficult and laborious task.To the hero of the cartoon fulfilled most simple movement, it takes about a hundred drawings.And for a ten-minute video needs about fifteen thousand personnel.
However, the baby, and he plunged into the process, understand how it is labor-intensive business.
To draw a simple cartoon, prepare the necessary tools - Notepad and pencils.Pre decide what will be your character and what actions it will perform.It can be any fairytale character, an animal or an ordinary man.For example, in your cartoon he will raise and lower the arm.Once you imagine what will make the character your film, you can begin to create the movie.
To do this, take notes on the first page, draw the initial frame of the animated scene: your character holds his hand lowered.On the next page, hand slightly raised.In the third - the hand is even higher.And so on.Figures should consistently reflect every movement of the character.To be as accurate as possible, ask your child to slow to portray an action hero.Do you commit at this time his movement.Or you can turn the tables: you poziruete, the child draws.
On average page of a notebook should be depicted hands raised up.The final frame of the movie displays the last action of the character.In this case, his arm must be lowered down.When you outline the basic movements of the hero, fill in the rest of the page intermediate position.If you want your cartoon has turned color, paint the characters with pencils or paints.Although for the first time to show the principle of operation of the cartoon, you can get by with just a pencil.
When all the pictures are ready, proceed to watching cartoons.And then, as they say, a trick.More precisely, the agility and speed of your hands.Run a quick change pages.To do this, hold the cover notepad in his right hand and left quickly scroll through pages and what you pictured.Figures will change rapidly, and the hero of the cartoon - to move.
Then you can further diversify your cartoon subjects.They are created in a similar manner.
You can also draw a cartoon on a narrow strip of paper.For this visually divide the tape into frames, draw the first and last movement of the hero and supplement their intermediate position.Start watching such cartoons can be an ordinary pen or pencil.Wrap the paper on a pen and then quickly move it on tape drawings.Moving the handle on a sheet of your character comes to life and you will be drawn to perform the movement.