Croche - a restless, never losing heart, bunny merry.He often interrupts his interlocutors, she loves to experiment and to travel.Draw it easy.First, you need a piece of paper draw a circle divided by two perpendicular lines in 4 equal parts.Then crumble should draw oval eyes, round nose, buttons, eyebrows, smile with two protruding teeth and long ears.After that you need to finish Smeshariki oval fron
t and hind legs and paint rabbit blue.
How to draw Smeshariki
Hedgehog - best friend crumble.He is very serious and judicious, but often are not sure of himself.Hedgehog has an excellent education.In general, he is a true intellectual.The basis of the Hedgehog - a circle with a cut in the upper part of the triangle.In the middle of the circle need to draw a triangle nose.Above it - big round glasses and a little edge.On each side of the Hedgehog should draw a neat ears.Next Smeshariki need to draw a triangular needles, arms and legs.Himself Hedgehog should paint in pink and needles it - in purple.
How to draw Smeshariki
Another fun hero of the animated series "Smeshariki" - a lyric poet Barash.He constantly sighs and composing sad poems.Barash love with Nyusha.But attempts Smeshariki show their sympathy for her is not always end this udachno.Narisovat Smeshariki not difficult to others.First you need to draw on the paper circle.It - draw round eyes, a triangular nose and a small mouth.Next Barash be to finish tabs, round, like curls, horns, hands and feet.Body Smeshariki need to circle the wavy line.Colorize Barash should be in light purple color.
How to draw Smeshariki
Nyusha - dreams quickly become an adult girl pig.She is always watching their appearance, behave affectedly and generally considers himself extraordinarily beautiful.Nyusha always tries to be the center of universal vnimaniya.Chtoby draw Niusha need to start to represent a large circle, and in it another little.Next Nyusha need to draw expressive eyes, nose, snout, neat mouth, ears, feet and mischievous braid, braided hair of the girls Smeshariki.
How to draw Smeshariki