you need
  • Notebook into the cell, pencil, eraser
Graphic dictation, that is drawing a picture on the cell could prevent the typical difficulties in teaching children the fine skills.Such exercises eliminate restlessness, confusion and form spelling vigilance.
Drawing on the cell to operate successfully in children aged 5 to 10 years.Completing tasks graphical dictation, the child expands their horizons, learning to handle the notebook, clarifies how the image objects.
There are several embodiments of the graphical dictation.Firstly, you can offer your child a sample geometric pattern.It gives instructions: to repeat the exact same pattern in a notebook in the box.
The second option involves the dictation workflow.Specifies the number
of cells and the direction that should draw a child (up, down, left, right).The child performs a task at the hearing.After that, the result is compared with the original by superimposing his image on the template provided in the manual.
appropriate to complement the drawing on the cell different patters, puzzles and exercises for fingers.Thus, passing the child work out a correct and clear speech, Vocabulary.
Assignments for drawing should be adjusted so that the complexity of their increased gradually.
Necessary attributes of a class is a cell in a notebook, colored pencils, eraser.Book desirable to choose to start in a large square, otherwise it may be overstrained eyes.Eraser is needed to ensure that the child could quickly correct its mistake.
Note that for the child drawing on the cell - a game, not an exam.It is important the child's emotional and friendly attitude on your part.At first you need to help your child, show how to correctly perform a particular task.
positive result immediately attach praise.It is not recommended to compare the child's drawings with the works of other children.