you need
  • - album or a sheet of paper;
  • - pencils, erasers.
Sit down at the table, take the album, pencils, eraser and arrange convenient.Starting technique drawing pencil involves drawing lines, blurring and mixing lines.We must learn how to draw different types of lines.Do some exercises for the parallel lines.Then you can complicate the task of drawing spiral and curved lines.The contours of objects spend with confidence, they must be clear.
important element in the picture is pencil shading.Draw a few strokes perpendicular.Try to ke
ep the area was homogeneous, ie uniform thickness.This element is used for dimming the display of textures and surfaces.Practice applying different shading density.Follow the hatch is not only perpendicular lines, but also spiral and diagonal overlapping.
One of the secrets of artists - the knowledge that any object animate and inanimate nature, as well as things created by man, can be written in one of the basic forms or a combination thereof (cube, cylinder, sphere, andetc.).This is called blokirovkoy.Vryad Do you happen to write something in the classical form with perfect accuracy, but it is not required.Enough not to leave too much space.Decide what you want to draw and to what figure can be inscribed your object.The measurements and angles to the paper are transferred via the two pencils.Repeat this step as many times as necessary to get the right proportions.Draw a light outline, then specify the contours.To complete the picture supplement dimming.