If you plan to place the picture only the face, place a sheet of paper vertically.Oval label space, which will fill portrait.Draw a vertical axis - it is split in half face.
With sight determine the height and width of the face.Pull the hand with a pencil in front of you, put a pencil distance that takes the width of the face at the cheekbones.Then expand the pencil vertically and check how many times the length of fit from head to chin sitter.Fix the same proportions as in the figure.Similarly, measure the width of the face at the level of the cheeks and chin.Thin light circuit to specify the form of the face.
vertical axis in the center of the face is divided into six equal parts.The third part of the
top split in half.At this level, you should be placed eyebrows.Draw their shape exactly according to your eyebrows model - depends on the expression as a whole.Eyebrow tracing not fill the space of short strokes, repeating the direction of hair growth.
On the border of the third and fourth parts of the top draw a horizontal axis for the eyes.Their shape is very individual.Just as the distance between the eyes - by "averaged" face, it is the length of the eye, but in reality there may be more or less.
approximately at the lower boundary of the fourth part should be placed on top of the tip of the nose.Determine its shape, then Doris nostrils and define the width of the bridge.
between the fifth and sixth parts of the draw lips.Their size is determined by means of sight.Erase the lines and all the auxiliary axes in the figure.Several contours mark the shape and length of hair.
Shade portrait.Identify sites that highlight the most, and pick up the tone that will match the color of the skin on them.Solid stick cover these areas of uniform shading.Then, continue to paint the picture, changing to darker areas.For them, take pencils with more softness, increase the pressure, shorten the distance between adjacent strokes.
Form stroke should follow the shape of the face.In addition, you can use the "silver" bar - on top of the core layer to add additional lines at an angle of 35 ° -45 °.It will help to "fix" the form and combine different direction and intensity of the strokes.
Drawing hair, do not forget to leave them glare - where they shine thanks to the lighting.These zones can not paint.