you need
  • -karandash;
  • -lastik;
  • -list paper.
The most common mistake - first attempt to draw eyes and lips, and then to receive the person pririsovat whole person.Start with the outline of all the picture, keeping the aspect ratio.Determine which part of the drawing sheet will be located.Make sure to make it look harmonious, and if you want to put a guy and girl together - do not paint them separately, each in their own part of the face - that they may, for example, to hold hands.
So, draw the outline.Start with the fact that the draw two thin lines of vertical pencil line - a higher (for Man) and one lower (for women).Divide line into eight equal parts.The first part of the top - is the size of the head.Enter to the contour of the head.For th
e young men better to choose a square shape of the face, for the girl - an oval.Look anatomical atlas.Explore the contour of the head, look at the location of the forehead, ears, cheeks, their ratios and proportions.
Pririsuyte neck.For a man - a wide and short, for a woman - a long and narrow.Immediately below the neck mark the line of the shoulders, so that they looked proportionally.Then specify the location waist and hips.Again, take a look in the anatomical atlas and connect the line so that a human figure.Remember that men's shoulders much wider hips and waist is weak.The girl's narrow waist and hips slightly narrower shoulders.
Draw the legs and arms, again guided by the atlas.The hand of man gets up to about mid-thigh.Note the location of the knees.And the shape of the feet and hands - it is not straight rods, issued knees slightly, the ankle has a circular cone shape, and so on.
After the body is finished, Draw the face.Note the location of facial features in humans - the proportion of the eyebrows, forehead, cheekbones, nose, lips and chin.You can try copied from drawings or photographs.
final touch - clothing.Draw it by volumes of the human body.