Open a new document and create a canvas with a white background of any size.On the toolbar, select the text tool, and by any readable font that you like, write on a white background All the letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks.
Copy the text layer (Ctrl + J), and then right-click on the text layer and select Rasterize type.Previous text layer disconnect by clicking the eye icon.
Find and download for Photoshop style Water Drops, or search for it in the list of styles, if it is already installed on your program.Using Scale Effects to change the style according to the size of letters, apply it to the text layer to create the g
lass effect.
Glass letters scroll by clicking on the layer with pressing Ctrl, and then create a new layer, open the Edit menu and select Stroke.In the settings, specify the desired thickness contour letters.The circuit must be outside - set the option Outside.Click OK, and then click Deselect, to deselect.
to a stroke, apply one style from the palette Styles - Silver Style.Stroke will be silver.Find a single image of the invoice, which you will fill out the letters - for example, a photograph of silver sequins.Found image position as a new layer under the layer with the letters in the palette.Reduce the size of images and substitute it for the first letter.
creates a duplicate image with the texture on a separate layer and turn substitute the image to each of letters and numbers, and unnecessary parts of the image beyond the contour of the letters are cut off.
In order to maintain the transparency of the upper part of the letter and with the fullness of the lower left, zoom in, and edit each letter in turn, allocate a portion of the layer content using the tool Lasso.Click Delete, to remove part of the image inside the letter.
Modify backgrounds letters eraser.Cut the border image can blur Blur tool or Smudge.To the contents of the letter looked volume, apply the effect Bevel and Emboss layer settings.