you need
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - a sheet of paper.
Schedule picture composition.If, in addition demon will be other characters and objects, take their place on the paper.Easy Barcode mark the top, bottom and width figures demon .
If your intention is to draw large wings, mark their contours so that they fit on the selected sheet of paper.Divide the figure in the details: the oval head, torso, arms and legs.Gradually add specifics, highlighting the rotation of the torso, arm movement, the angle of rotation of the head and so on.
Gradually figure demon issue in the drawing.Erase the extra lines.Think of what items may have otherworldly
creatures in the hands of what will be his horns, hair, skin, nails, clothes."Try the" all on your figure, if you see that the item does not fit the character of the figure, remove it.
Designate shape of the wings demon .Often used form of angel wings, black only, you can portray them broken, bare-bones, or fluffy and wide.A more common option - leathery.They can draw a thin and ragged, like a bat, or a strong and spiked like a dragon.
Look for new forms, try to draw a pattern on the horns of a tattoo or body not demon .He may be bald with sharp triangular ears or wear long hair with a fancy hairdo.The figure should be harmonious, the item on the gun pattern may repeat element tattoos or jewelry.
Draw a line on the body muscles being.Go to the finer details - claws, ears, details of clothes and, of course, face the demon .First, mark the location of the strokes of eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth.When will achieve organic combination of shapes and sizes, go to a more detailed drawing.
Empower your demon character.This can be done by giving a special bending lips and eyebrows being by a sly squint eye and nose bent down.Draw the line of cheekbones that a person has acquired a clear form.
Modify drawing, erasing unnecessary and firmly delineating the contour.Draw entourage pictures - demon surrounding objects and phenomena.