you need
  • - soft pencil.
  • - Round Brush №6.
  • - Paints.
  • - paper (Whatman desirable) or canvas.
Pull the canvas or sheet of drawing paper secure.You must first map out the broad contours of the composition.If you draw a sunflower in the garden, do a few strokes, which will mark the head of the flower and its stem and leaves in the background label fence field horizon.If the pattern involves a sunflower in a flower arrangement, draw the contour of the vase, table, draperies and other colors in the composition.
Now we need to work out the background colors.If the paint in watercolor, the background to the method of "blur", bending the sheet at an angle.If you paint with oil, the background can work out after the
creation of the flower.
Start drawing sunflower with its core - a black oval, focusing on pre-planned lines.Since the core of this flower is convex, with a slight depression in the center, it is necessary to show by making the convex portions lighter.
Now we need to draw the bottom row of petals.It must be the darkest of the entire range, which you intend to use.To do this, add to the yellow paint brown.Do not be afraid to overdo it with brown.Do not forget about the long term - the front sheets more in the background a little less.To write each petal, place the brush at the edge of the black oval and lead to side, turning a little brush to reduce the thickness of the petal to nothing.
second row should be lighter.Add to the paint, which you stirred the previous series, a little white paint.The second layer of petals draw between the first row of petals.The third and fourth layer of paint in a similar manner, with each row of reducing their size.The fourth layer should be almost white.
now toning petals, giving them a certain amount.To do this, midway visible petals darkened.Also remember that the farther an object from the viewer, the darker it is, therefore, the petals of which are painted in the background should be darker than the petals of its series, painted on the front.Also, do not forget to draw the bright spots on the black heart of a sunflower to denote seeds.
Designate green stem and leaves.Sunflower ready.It remains to study the background.