you need
  • - gouache;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - solid contour pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - a piece of fleece.
Entitled Barbie decades produced a beautiful doll with big eyes and white hair.The original version of the toy is made today, but, later on, in parallel with him began to be produced and the model with black hair.But regardless of the color of hair, Barbie always looks slim and sophisticated.It is this, and it should be depicted on paper.
To draw Barbie doll , you will need a set of paints or colored pencils.They should be bright.As an auxiliary tool needs a simple pencil drawing contours.
Portray Barbie doll start with the face.It must be an oval.Draw the outline of the face, paint it beige color completely.For this fit like a pencil, and gouache.You may want to portray the blush on his face.To do this, use a light pink pencil or paint.If blush is used to simulate a pencil to make them look more natural, we can make retouching a piece of cotton.
hair on the image quality depends largely on the degree of similarity with the original pattern.They should look thick and long.Look, what form have the hair of the doll, and then apply a set of pencil lines of the same shape.Drawing will look even slightly better than the original, if you represent slightly wavy hair.
Draw eyebrows, nose, eyes and lips.Initially, it should draw the eye.After that it will be easier to draw eyebrows and lips.Draw the upper and lower eyelids, and then to add a large upper eyelid lashes.On the same picture the lower eyelid lashes, but shorter to eyes Barbie appear larger and brighter.Then draw the pupil and iris.Its color determines the color of your eyes, so you should choose your own to your liking.
Eyebrows best to portray smooth lines.This will require a black pencil.These elements of the face should be located below the forehead, but slightly above the eye level.Eyebrows express calm and expressive look.
lips Barbie doll should not be too large nor too small.The top line of the lips is depicted as a wave, and the bottom - in the form of a straight line.Paint over their best pink or crimson.Nose draw in the form of droplets.
Having described the person, go to the drawing of the trunk.Usually antique dolls dressed in lavish dresses and sometimes it come so far.But it is possible to portray Barbie dressed in modern clothes directly.
Draw the neck: it put two lines and paint the exposed portion.The rest of the body cover your dress.Sleeve Dresses can be decorated at the end of a flashlight, especially if Barbie dressed in airy dress.Then you can draw shoes.They should look elegant and combined with the dress.For more elegance painted doll hairstyle and add a beautiful necklace around her neck.