you need
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 or higher
Open an image that you plan to cut (Ctrl + O).When the file is opened, make sure that enough image around the work area of ​​gray.This space will make the next step easier.
How to split
Select the "cutting out" key (K).It is marked with a red circle in the screenshot, and use it to select the image.Move the tool to the upper right corner (this is where the gray space in handy - safely "grab unnecessary" going beyond the boundaries of the image) and drag down diagonally to the lower left corner.Do not forget to hold the left mouse button.
If you do it right, around the image to appear slim frame, and in the upper right corner - blue label
with the number "01".
How to split
From the context menu select "Split fragment" (in the English version of «Divide Slice»).To open the context menu, simply click within the image, right-click.
How to split
As a result, should open a window similar to the one shown in the screenshot.This window is divided into two areas: "divided in horizontal" and "vertical split".To access the options, you need to put a tick next to the relevant paragraphs.
How to split
There are two ways of cutting the image into equal parts.You can specify either the number of parts needed at the output, and then the program automatically calculates the size of each of the fragments, or you can specify the size of the fragments, in which case the program automatically calculates the number of them.
In this example, the picture will be horizontally cut in three pieces, and into three portions in the vertical direction.Thus, only get 9 pieces.
Set the necessary parameters the cutting (or the number of fragments, or their size in pixels) and click "OK" to accept the changes.
How to split
no further action is required.Suffice it to keep already cut into equal parts image .In most cases, it is recommended to save the images as "For Web & Devices" in a format jpg.
At the exit you will receive a predetermined number of fragments - each in a separate file.By default, they are placed in a folder «images», which Photoshop creates automatically.All the files will inherit the name of the original image, to which is added a serial number (* _01, _02 *, * _03 and so on).
How to split