you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - paint.
Get enough experience in drawing anime girls, and other objects that you want to portray.It is desirable that you were able to portray characters in different poses.Draw always in pencil, as you can always erase and draw again.Even professional anime and manga artists begin creating pictures with a pencil drawing.
Draw a rough sketch of the future picture.Image Make sketchy, but so that it is clear what kind of girl, and a character in what position are.Consider the surroundings, the background, and the image of heroines clothes on their faces.Then start to paint the girls, beginning with those who stand in the foreground.Careful drawing u
ntil later.At this stage, the main thing - to represent all the girls, putting them in a posture conceived.
After all the girls will be drawn, Start making environment, background and other characters.Here, too, not get carried away parts.Occupies only a basic outline.
final image drawn only after all the main lines of all objects will be implemented when the relative position of women, characters and objects of the environment will be finally determined.At this point, draw a clear line of beautiful girls anime correct the folds of their clothes, the correct light and shade and the expressions on their faces.Spend a small hatch original.
If you plan to convert the resulting image to a computer, scan it, and paste it into Photoshop.If you already have a ready-made images of landscapes and buildings, originally surroundings can not paint.In Photoshop just put them on the back burner, or draw apart and the same scan to transfer to a computer.
At the final stage paint the picture with the girls, do not forget to delete all unnecessary.In the traditional anime for the color scheme is used only 2-3 basic colors.