Before the draw, learn the anatomy of the wing.If you draw a bird's wing, consider carefully the structure of the skeleton of a bird.It is similar to all birds - small or large, will change the aspect ratio.The outlines of a predetermined length of the wing feathers, small feathers cover the pen top.
To draw a bird's wing, mark the first line of the skeleton.Then, one by one, begin to paint layers of feathers, from the shortest to the longest.Then work through the small details - draw a groove on the feathers, feathers little extra that will add realism wing.
If you draw a bat's wing, here start with the structure.B
ats, like humans, are mammals, so the structure of their wings is something vaguely resemble a human hand.
Draw wing base of the shoulder joint to the fingertips.Give her the form that will take wing later.Incidentally, unlike human fingers bat never be straightened completely.According to the planned lines
joints draw membranous wings.Add toes and claws a little volume and shadows.
ability to draw a wing will help you learn how to draw, for example, dragon wings.
To draw a butterfly wing or any other insect, check out a few photos with these wings.You will notice that these wings have many veins and like the leaf of a plant, if you look through it to light.Draw the general shape of the wing, split a pair of guide lines and draw thin lines streaks.
If you draw a butterfly, then add on the wing patterns and designs, and then paint the bright colors.In addition, if you draw the butterfly wing close-up, do not forget to depict the scales that covered the wing.