Thin, barely visible lines make the basic outline.At this stage, the main thing - the right to bear a proportion.The wheels must be the same size and the frame should not be too massive.
Start key stroke details.The pencil can be sharpened a little harder to isolate the main lines.At this stage the model motorcycle .If you have recently started to paint, choose a motorcycle class "super-sports".This model has a closed racing type hull.You do not have draws engine, battery and proper wiring.
Take a role model chopper if you want a more complex design.In this case, you will have the inside of the iron horse draws that much more difficult.
Use real-life examples.To the bike turned out of the realistic, keep on hand image of the model, whic
h draws.To find the required you enter in a search engine "racing bike" or "chopper", depending on your image.
Give pattern dynamics.Draw the motorcycle in motion.This can be accomplished by using light blurring effect on the body and wheels.Rub a pencil with a cotton swab or a finger in the region of Tyre and pull a little more than usual shade.This will create the impression that the bike goes so fast that the shadow is not keeping pace with him.
not cover shadow chrome motorcycle parts .Instead, create the effect of light on the light using a white pencil.The effect of "distorting mirror" on the chrome can be drawn again weak blur using cotton swabs.
Practice as much as possible.This is the only sure way to develop the skills that will enable you to create masterpieces.