you need
  • - palette;
  • - red paint;
  • - dark blue paint;
  • - yellow paint
Get burgundy color can be achieved by mixing several colors s.A classic in the perception of Russians considered the shade of burgundy, composed of bright red and dark blue color s, with the addition of a small amount of yellow paint, which imparts color from heat.This combination is important for all kinds of paint - watercolor, gouache, tempera, oil, different types of dyes for fabrics, stained glass paints.If you are working with these m
aterials, you need to mix the paint on the palette in the required proportions.
Take on some of the palette of red paint, and then gradually add in her paint dark blue color well.As a dark blue component, you can use the paint color s Prussian blue, dark indigo, ultramarine.Get the intermediate color between red and purple color s.The proportional ratio of the color consists of about three parts of red and one part dark blue.
To make color have the characteristic warm hue add to the resulting mixture of paint on a palette of warm yellow color well.It should be a little bit.Focus on your ovoe color perception: the resulting color must be sufficiently rich and deep, not dirty.Do not turn in brown color.The red color in the color e Bordeaux should prevail.
Alternatively burgundy color and can act as a mixture of red and black colors.The proportions are approximately the same as in the classic combination with a dark blue.
If you do computer graphics or make models of printing products on the computer, to obtain a burgundy color and you need to put in color a marketing panel graphical editor the following values ​​for the main color sCMYK: C (cyan) - 30;M (magenta) - 100;Y (yellow) - 70;K (Black) - 15. Either the second option combination process inks: C - 0;M - 100;Y - 100;K - 31. The latter combination is more characteristic color ovospriyatiya Western man and that's what is indicated burgundy color western catalogs color s.