If you are with your child and show him how to draw fantasy characters, choose simple forms.Create a figure that would combine several features real animals.You can use the idea of ​​the animated series "Smeshariki" - to draw, based on a circle.You can work on the light colored paper.
Take a simple soft pencil to line clearly visible.Draw a big circle.Now decide with your child, what items you "gifted" your sharomonstrika.For example, draw a long narrow cunning eyes and charming
proboscis instead of a nose, long rabbit ears and a tail with a brush, with webbed hind legs and front with thin fingers.
your drawing lesson turns into an exciting game where you create a whole company of funny little animals, monsters and come up with a lot of adventures for them.
If you are trying to teach creativity teenager, "Smeshariki" will not help you.Look at magazines comic, there you will find many pictures of various monsters and pick up some new ideas for your image.Typically, these creatures do not have a sweet character and go for a walk in the dark.In their appearance often present demonic traits: the horns of various shapes, spiked tail, paws with sharp claws, glowing eyes and bloodthirsty teeth.
Start drawing from the schematic sketch, in which you decide to pose monster and its dimensions.Then schedule a shape of each part of the body and the relationship of parts to each other.At this stage, all the elements portray quite schematically, now we need to make the whole figure and harmonious whole.
Do not be afraid to make the wrong line, they can always be erased, and without courage and experimentation of the creator does not happen.It is possible that the character will not quite be what you originally thought, that's okay, because you are drawing is not a real person.
When you get the whole figure, trace the outline is clear.Engage in rendering details.Check the position of the hands, the shape of the claws and the details of the face.Gradually make the final versions of all the elements.The volume infused with the help of light and shade - all projecting parts leave the light, and what is removed, gradually shades.
Give nature of the monster, making spiteful squint eyes and a wide grin, showing fangs.