easiest way Lacing - "cross".To create such a bracelet Thread the twine four beads.Place them in the middle of the thread, then it Thread the right end of the first bottom bead.Thereafter string on each end of yarn of a single bead, and the next thread the both ends of the fishing line toward each other.To make the drawings on this Baubles, use two or more colors of beads.If the two side and one central beads do, such as black, the next time - white, then black again, and so on, you get a pattern that resembles the arrow.To make colored inclined "touches", alternating colors, which are gaining the right, center and left beads.
can make a broader and more unusual shaped bracelet.Pass the thread in the work of six beads.The lowe
st (we assume it first) secure knot.Draw the line through the fifth bead, string on a thread three pieces, then pass in the first bead.Again, type three beads, again the thread through the second one, and then the second of the previous three dialed.By repeating this scheme you get a pattern that resembles diamonds.Draw it on paper and distribute the color throughout the length of the bracelet (paint every bead in the desired color scheme), you can weave ornament with zigzag patterns.
If you want to "embroider" Baubles on a complex drawing, use the mosaic technique.Beaded string on the line number corresponding to the width of the band of the future.First secure the bead at the end.Then thread the end of the fishing line in the third bead on the right.String on a thread of a new bead and run the line through the second after already "sewn" beads in the front row.Stringing beads on a thread and threading through every other bead of the previous row, you can make a "painting" with a fairly detailed pattern.It is more convenient to pre-draw the diagram on the paper in the box - circle the cells in a checkerboard pattern and paint color.
Another way of weaving broad continuum bracelets produces similar results, but not the beads are arranged in a staggered and parallel to each other.The first number corresponds to the width of the bracelet, and the transition to the second end of the thread must be re-threaded through the bead, which scored the penultimate, and then thread the fishing line again in the last link.Nanizhite a new bead, draw a line in the bead of the first row, which is located above it, and then again in just typed.To plan the location of the beads of different colors in this bracelet, it will be enough to draw a diagram on a sheet in the box - each cell will match the beads.
When Fenichka will be ready to tie it in the tone of a tape, if you wove a bracelet on elastic, thread it all the beads of the first row and secure knot on the inside.