you need
  • - solution of potassium permanganate;
  • - cotton swab;
  • - white construction paper;
  • - white paint;
  • - Kohler;
  • - brush.
To get the drawing paper, colored ivory bone , make weak solution of potassium permanganate.It should be slightly pink.Too thick paper potassium permanganate do not yellowish and brown.With a cotton swab, moisten a sheet of water, then cover it with an even layer of potassium permanganate and dry.In this case, the reverse side of the sheet is white.
If you have a large photogr
aphic ditch or any other container, which place a sheet of the desired size, you can toned paper on both sides.It will look like the old.Pour a solution of potassium permanganate into the tank and drowned sheet that covered him completely dissolved.Hold for five minutes, then remove and dry.At the same time lowered into the cuvette a few sheets is not necessary, because they will be painted unevenly.
If you need to paint a small ivory surface, buy white paint and a yellow or beige color scheme.The desired color scheme can be selected in the same hardware store where you buy the paint.Pour the desired amount of ink in a separate container.Add some amount of caramel and mix.If the color you want, you can start to work.If it is too light, add a certain amount of caramel and stir again.
For painting walls and any other large surfaces is best to contact the store where you have the device for mixing paints.Such facilities are available in all retail stores, as well as many large-scale construction.There is, on the stands and samples callers.Choose white with a slightly yellowish tinge.Seller you mix colors in a special machine.
Paint a small area first.If you have a really color ivory bone , paint on.In case of insufficient intensity of the tones back into the store, ask to add color scheme and mix again.