The basis of the figures is the anchor cross.Draw two lines perpendicular to each other, forming a cross, so that the horizontal bar was slightly above the center of the long vertical bar.
your cross is divided into four segments.In the upper vertical segment, draw a small circle - it will be the top anchor ring through which weed out chain.The beam must pass the vertical axis through the center of the circle.
in the lower segment of the cross-draw an arc of a semicircle, the central point of which also coincides with the axis of the cross.Sketch around the vertical arms of the cross curving line that resembles snake shape.At the bottom of the line mark the outline of the head of the snake.
more detail Draw the lower part of the semi-circular armature - Draw a line around the supporting its basic contours, and at the ends of the left and right hook to draw sharp serrated tips elongated.
Now Draw the upper part of the anchor, and at the ends of the horizontal crossbar draw a rounded tip.Work through the outline of the snake, give her body volume.Inside the upper circle, draw another circle, forming the ring and inside the ring, place the tip of the tail of the snake.
inside the vertical part of the armature draw a vertical line and detail head of the snake - draw open mouth, eyes, tongue and teeth.Anchor gives volume using shading, mark the place of light glare.Erase unnecessary auxiliary lines.Your anchor is ready!