you need
  • a pencil, eraser, white, blue and red paint
Draw a rectangle.The ratio of the horizontal and vertical sides should be 1: 2.In our example, respectively, 12 and 6 cm.
Start drawing the flag with the red cross of St. George the vertical - the patron saint of England.Strictly through the middle of the rectangle with a pencil, draw a horizontal line.Departing from it up and down to 3 cm and make two lines.You should get a band width of 6 cm. Similarly, draw a vertical component of the cross.
Draw white "edging" the cross.To do this, turn away from the horizontal line passing through the center, 5 cm on both sides and draw two lines.Likewise, draw a v
ertical line.
eraser Erase line passing through the center of the rectangle.Leave only point of indicating their intersection.Remove the excess and within the boundaries of the red and white crosses.
then proceed to draw a diagonal white cross of St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland (in fact - this is our flag of St. Andrew).The width of its lanes and 6 cm. Just as you drew a vertical red cross, draw a pencil outline of the diagonal.
Designate the flag last red diagonal cross the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.It must be located within the borders of white and similarly drawn to him.The width of the bands of the Red Cross is two centimeters.
But there is one feature - the red stripes are offset from the center in different ways.The right side of the flag stand back from the top of a white cross bands of 1 cm. The left side of the indentation do the same from the bottom.
Remove excess eraser strokes and apply red and white paint on the corresponding crosses.Make blue background.