Tip 1: How to draw graffiti on the wall

Draw graffiti under the force of each.You do not need to be a professional artist.The novice rider must first practice in sketches on paper.

Then you need to equip, choose paint and begin to search for a suitable wall for your graffiti.A more detailed description of the rules and techniques to create graffiti, you will learn on.
you need
  • Cans, pencils, markers, mask, gloves
you are going to paint graffiti.First you need to make a sketch, which is called the sketch.Draw a sketch of a beautiful and neat - no easy task.Although at first glance it may seem that this is not so.If you make only the first steps in the graffiti, you need to practice sketching sketches.Take a piece of paper, pencils, and suitable gel pens, markers and Practice, a hand tamp.
Preference is to give a dense paper.For these purposes is fine Whatman.Take your time.Take a pencil and start to apply light strokes.Then you can correct defects.Then the circle felt pen all drew.Erase pencil eraser unnecessary strok
es.Fill the background and fill color.
If you like your results, and you sure do not want anything else to change it, you can transfer the sketch onto the wall.
Now prepare the gear.It is necessary to determine the choice of paint.It is also necessary to adopt gloves and a respirator.Paint fumes are poisonous, and they can be poisoned.Your clothes should also provide the opportunity to be mired in the paint.
How to draw graffiti on the wall
Now you need to choose the right wall.The most suitable option for you would be a porous concrete or any primed surface.You can also paint on the metal surface, but it will have to pre-degrease.
Try to paint in places that are specifically set aside for graffiti.Do not paint over the work of others.Or choose unobtrusive wall.If
wall in front of you, completely painted, but it seems to be the best for your first creation.Try overlaps whether your balloon painting, and whether it is visible.Not all colors, especially bright, can block other inscriptions from the first time.It is difficult to overlap the black paint.
When you try to sketch the wall sketch balloon in the air.Drawing graffiti, first of all, you need to take care of the background.First displayed thumbnail.This is done in the main background color.Even if you make a mistake, you can correct it.Do not stop drips with a rag, or are obtained divorces.It is better to wait until the paint dries.Paint them later with the background color.
not rush to direct a jet on a certain area of ​​graffiti.For starters, check whether the cap is installed.Test it, sprinkling the ground.
in rain and cold weather, the paint can go bad, and will for a long time to dry.It is best to choose the warm weather.Wind can also be a hindrance to the drawing.
How to draw graffiti on the wall

Tip 2: How to write on a wall of graffiti Graffiti

- young art form.He came to our country in the mid-90s, along with the fashion for break-dance.Today, there are two areas of graffiti - legal or not.The first concerns the participation in specialized festivals and competitions, as well as the decoration of clubs.
How to write on a wall of graffiti
you need
  • - cans of paint;
  • - caps (nozzles on spray cans of paint);
  • - vandalayzery (wide markers, which usually put tags);
  • - enamel or latex primer;
  • - respirator (paint is poisonous and toxic);
  • - gloves.
To start, think of drawing a sketch ("sketch") or srisuyte like on paper.Compose a "tag" (signature) and develop its graphic representation.
Select the wall beforehand.The best surface for graffiti - porous concrete.Not very suitable for doing the work of uneven surfaces, metal and unpainted wood.Never paint on rust and whitewashing.If you decide to represent something on the metal surface, it is necessary to pre-degrease.
Prime the pre-wall enamel or latex paint.This will help to hide on the wall old picture and paint a much better lie.Note: vodoemulsionku tends to crack over time, the enamel is a construction site, it is perfect for background, and paint on the enamel gets a lot brighter.
Start doing graffiti background.One of the common mistakes of writers is the image of circuits and their subsequent pouring paint.Remember: first drawn sketch of the same color as the background of the title block, and then - the background and only then loop.
If suddenly during flowed paint, wait until the drips dry, and then paint over them.It is also possible to use the ordinary sponge.It is convenient promakivat streaks.
sure to clean the caps after each use.When you are finished with the spray, turn it over, press and hold the cap as a couple of seconds (until the paint will stop output).If the ink has time to dry, the cap should be discarded.
Before applying spray on the drawing drizzle paint on a test section of the wall or the ground.This will help to find out whether you have installed the correct cap.In addition, the first program of paint cans "spit" tend to be very uneven.
Do not do graffiti in the rain and bitter cold.Surface must be dry and at low temperatures for a long time to dry paint and poorly kept.
Helpful Hint
cans of spray paint are the volume of 0.4-0.6 liters.One spray is enough for you to paint a half to two square meters.
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Helpful Hint
Stock up kepami, even professional riders, they quickly become clogged, take it with a spare.

Before you replace the cap, turn the can and press.Let the paint work.
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