you need
  • - paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - pictures of different cars.
Consider the figures, which show cars.You will see that the form of any of them can be represented as a combination of several geometric shapes.Determine what kind of shape.Wheels, of course, circular.If you look at the passenger car side, the upper part of her body most resembles a trapezoid.The bottom may be in the form of a rectangle with chamfered corners or too similar to a trapezoid, the smaller base of which is at the bottom.
Determine the approximate ratio between the length and height of the car.Put the sheet horizontally.Draw a horizontal line just above the bottom edge of the sheet.Check her points length of the car.From th
ese points swipe up perpendicular.Put them in the height of the car and connect the serifs straight line.You should have drawn a thin pencil rectangle.
Estimate the ratio of the height and the length of the vehicle
Divide the rectangle into 3 parts in height.The strip, which will be at the bottom, is the distance from the road to the bottom of the machine.The middle part - from the bottom up to the height of the bonnet and engine compartment.Well, the top bar - the distance between the bonnet and the roof of the car.
line, which is located at a height of hood, divided into 3 parts.The ratio of segments depends on the design of the vehicle.The last part may be the same length.Estimate angles of the front and rear window to the bumper and hood.Connect all the planned points.You have turned the contour of the vehicle body.
Central line is divided into three parts
look like in relation to the lower points of the centers of the wheels of glass, as well as the approximate ratio of the size of the wheels to the length of the bottom of the car.Draw both wheels.
Draw window.They can be imagined as trapezoids.Draw the outline of the door.The lower parts most resemble rectangles.It remains to portray lights - and car ready.
Draw windows and other details