The easiest option - to draw a picture with the help of make-up.For these purposes fit theatrical makeup, which is used by the actors, as well as akvagrim, which can be bought on the open market.Akvagrim good because it is easy to apply, it does not cause allergies, as it consists of natural colors and is easily washed off with warm water and soap.
Apply makeup better than a thin stick or brush, background can be done with a sponge.Apply the pattern on the places that are not in contact with your clothing, or simply drawing erased.This tattoo is applied on one day, then simply wash off in the shower.
If you want to figure stayed longer, you can try to make a henna tattoo.To do this, you must purchase a special henna (it is sold in beauty salons
and tattoo shops) as well as henna hair dye for this purpose is not appropriate.
To begin prepare stencil.To do this, you must draw on transparencies contour drawing.Then applying it to the skin, to get a stamp.
Henna can be prepared as follows.Half a liter of water you need to boil, add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee and 2 teaspoons of black tea.Take 30-40 grams of henna powder, pour it slowly into a solution to the consistency of thick cream.For a more saturated color of the pattern, you can add a little lime juice.
Once the pasta has cooled (about three hours), you are ready to spray pattern with a thin stick or toothpick.The contour drawing encircle twice with an interval of one hour.Before you apply a tattoo, you must make an epilation of this place, otherwise the image will be spread.Once the tattoo is completely dry, you can remove the excess paint with a dull knife.
Such tattoos to keep the skin from five days to two weeks.Experts advise to take a break when applied to such figures on the same place for at least two months, as the skin needs to rest.
If you are not confident in their possibilities of drawing, the temporary tattoos can be done in a tattoo parlor or beauty salon.