you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, a black helium pen, crayons or gouache.
Place a sheet of paper vertically, so that the character together.With a simple pencil sketch follow the main parts of the body.Small circle - head beneath jagged oval - chin, a large oval - torso character, strong hands as poluovalov triangular area of ​​the pelvis, as poluovalami - legs.On the face of the character and on chest mark a middle line, it will help you in the orientation in the figure.
Proceed to plotting.On the head, in the area of ​​the eye, create "wings" superhero mask.Start drawing the muscles of the arms and chest, gradually descending lower and lower in the drawing.
Draw to "mask" the eye (small narrow slits), under it - the mouth (twisted malice) Draw the chest muscles.The
belt strap draw.Draw fingers clenched into a fist and steel claws coming out of the knuckles.On each hand three.The fingers of his left hand draws a clearer, as it is closer to us.To have a good and believable to paint the body muscles - learn patterns of the hero in the Internet.Also it would be nice to see the anatomy of the human image and a way of drawing.
Now draw the details of the bottom of the character.This muscular legs and boots.Please note that the hero boots have small "wings".The foot of the hero usual, without heels.The left leg is drawn more clearly, as it is closer to the viewer.
now eraser erase unnecessary auxiliary line.Black helium pen stroke can make a character and begin coloring after drying paste.Non-ferrous metals can be gouache or markers, for better use of comics saturated colors.Shoulders, gloves, "cowards" and saturated color the boots in dark blue.Other details of the suit - or lemon yellow, bare, leave only the lower part of the face and hands.Wolverine is ready!