you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - brushes;
  • - paint.
To get started, try to portray the eye, typical of most of the female characters.On a sheet set point and from the swipe up two straight lines.The greater the distance between the lines, the larger will be the eyes.Lines are drawn very thinly.
in the upper third of the triangle formed picture a cool curved arc with small bruises, which amplifies press pencil.This line is the upper contour of the eye.In the second picture the lower third in the form of contour lines with a bend at a right angle.Make sure that you are satisfied with the size of the eye.
Erase the construction lines, circle the eye contour soft pencil.The left side of the line must be thinner to the right - fatte
r.Inside the eye, draw a vertical oval - iris.Part of it has to be hidden by the upper eyelid - it gives the eyes and the liveliness typical of anime characters expression.
Inside the iris pupil Draw a smaller oval.Over it put the highlight.Eyes anime heroines should be bright and sparkling, so make a major highlight, half closing the pupil.Note the direction of light - for example, if your idea of ​​it falls to the left, glare, too, must be located in the left eye.
Fill the pupil and iris shade, leaving white patches.Circle the upper eyelid, denoting over him a small crease.Draw the eyelashes in a rather short sharp "peak".Suffice it to three lashes at the outer edge of the upper eyelid.Above the eye picture the thin and short eyebrows a smooth arc.
If you want to draw a pair of eyes, operate synchronously.Take two pieces at the same time draws the eyelids, iris, pupil, and light patches.Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the symmetry of the figure.
pencil sketch can be painted with acrylic, oil or watercolor.Dilute the paint of the desired tone and cover her iris.Choose a bright and pure color - emerald green, amber, blue or purple.On a fine brush type white light and arrange glare.In the last circle the eyes and eyelashes black outline and blackened pupils.