you need
  • two different soft pencil, eraser, sheet of drawing paper, copying the photos, long line for scribing,.
Select the photo that you would like to copy.Then enjoy a preparation of drawing paper.Attach a sheet of drawing paper with tape to a sheet of plywood so that you can draw, putting the figure in front of him, because if you put the picture horizontally there image distortion
Try using a grid method.Make a copy of selected photos , raschertite on it mesh partition for the image on your cell convenient for copying the size.Do this and your sheet of paper.
rubbings of obtain a square portion of the image by displaying them on the whole-cell sheet of paper..
There are other methods of dra
Mark the location of the next piece of the picture light strokes.This will help keep track and not go beyond the drawing paper.
Select the figure parts of the imaged object, such as the head, hands, eyes.Do not forget to respect the proportions.
defined in Figure light and dark place, obscuring their light shading.So you select the figure shadow and light.Remember that dark areas are drawn at the beginning, light - in the end.
Go to detail drawing.Remember that the central part of the picture should be brighter than the background.Accentuate individual details of the picture, it can be the eyes, nose and smile.Make the most contrasting details.When the main part is finished, start draws the rest of the picture, making it a less contrast.
remove excess with a pattern: using the eraser soften some of the image and remove the debris.Add shading or Draw the main background image.
Look at your drawing.Match it with a photo, and if necessary - add any details.