you need
  • - pencil,
  • - eraser,
  • - line,
  • - paper,
  • - circle.
To draw heart , prepare a medium soft pencil and eraser, take heavy paper.Hold a pencil in his right hand, so that you feel comfortable.Mark the center point of the paper, there will be the foundation of your heart.From the point of start smoothly, without hesitation, the right to conduct a semi-circular line, at first a little bit up, then down, slowly straightening it, end-point line.Carefully check - lowest point should be exactly under the "starting point", in this case the heart get even.
Now that you have completed a line, you need to draw exactly the same represents a sor
t of mirror image of the first, but is now a semi-circular line you keep to the left.The two planned points of the line must link.To get the accurate picture of the heart, take an eraser and gently, without damaging the paper, delete the point.
You can simplify your task and draw an inverted triangle, using a ruler.Inside the triangle, draw a heart , then neatly erase eraser unnecessary side of the triangle.
Another method - draw a circle, for this you can use the available means for the stencil, to do this you can even serve as a box for storage of cereals.The main thing that it was round.Also, it may be a circle, and pelvis, if you want to draw a large heart , and a round mirror, and much more.Once you have turned a circle, draw a heart inside it .