you need
  • - A4 sheet of paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - paints for painting;
  • - eraser.
Draw three circles in the center of the sheet, which will be the future three flowers, and one line - the future stalk.This bouquet will contain four different sizes of flower.
sketched in the center of the small flowers shaped in the form of clouds and small circles inside them.
begins to draw the petals on the edge of the circle, do not sharpen their ends.Here we draw a small pink bud at the top right so that it is like "peering" because of one flower.
Go to draw the leaves from the bottom of the bouquet, just finish a line next to the planned stem.Let them be a little uneven, wavy, creating an impression of volume figure.
Schedule slips on streaks and spots on the colors and patterns that you'll later paint.
Pririsuyte two lower leaves almost at the base of your bouquet.You can make them in larger numbers as you like.Zoom in applying the leaves veins and edges.
then gently wipe with a soft rubber band all the original line.
Following this simple algorithm, you can draw a bouquet of any other color, for example, bells, or lily of the valley, presenting their natural form, and given the necessary proportions.
If you wish to complicate the task: make a drawing from life, this place flowers in a vase, come up with an interesting background.In this case, particularly important proportion of the objects and relate them to the proportions of the paper.
If you want to paint your bouquet necessarily prepare the palette - the instrument that you will create different shades, since nothing gives so much liveliness and beauty of flower bouquets, as the game of various tones.
to work on plain paper suitable watercolors or gouache, if you paint on canvas, oil paints take.