you need
  • paint,
  • brush,
  • palette,
  • easel,
  • canvas.
for painting must purchase the relevant materials.Buy Oil colors: white in the big tube, and the rest - in the box of medium size.Beginners better to buy paint for educational sketches.With experience, you will be redirected to the artistic paints.Keep paint in wooden boxes.
Get a complete set of brushes - 3 brushes each room.To use the oil painting bristle brush, made of cow hair and synthetic.
The next thing you need - a palette.Saturate it with oil, and dry well, otherwise the palette will absorb oil paints.
paint put on the left edge of the top panel.Mid leave for compounding.Each color should always be in a particular location of the palette.White is usually placed on the right end.
You will also need thinner oil colors: Linseed oil varnish dammarny purified kerosene, turpentine turpentine.
the oil paints usually write on primed canvas.The quality of the soil depends on the preservation of the canvas picture.It is better to buy ready-primed holst.Nachinayuschie can try to paint on primed cardboard.Prime the cardboard can be yourself.To do this, dissolve the gelatin according to the shop's packaging instructions, cool and cover with cardboard several times.
For small size paintings at first, you can use the stand for books, then use an easel.It is stable and durable.
Before you start drawing, consider how you portray plans.
first on paper, do a drawing that will be transferred to the canvas.
on canvas schedule a fine tench image.The complex plot worked in the sketches.
Follow underpainting - the first layer of painting.For podmalevki oil paint diluted with a solvent.It is applied in a thin layer, which dries quickly.Next, apply the next layer, prescribing the details, specify the form objects.
Each layer let dry before you put on a new one.
The final layers of oil paints to add flax seed oil.Colorful layer pattern is a rich and robust.
finished picture after drying oil paint varnished.