Begin drawing with the image of the girl.Draw the torso, legs, arms and head.Try to observe the proportions of a normal person.Do not pick out the details, because at this stage is important only posture, position of the head, because the legs, for example, can be hidden by the hem of the long dresses.
Proceed to draw dresses.You can choose the shortest version, to the knee or traditional dress on the floor.Keep in mind, if you draw a mini-version, special attention should be paid to the bride's attributes, such as flowers or a veil, otherwise you get an ordinary girl in a beautiful dress.Please note that wedding dresses of different eras are quite different in cut and decoration.For example, a wedding dress of Princess Diana had puffed sleeves and large ruffles at the neckline.It is difficult to imagine tha
t in modern times someone chooses a garment.The most recognizable one for a wedding dress is a bra underwire sleeveless and long full skirt.Form hem choose to your taste - it can be cut skirt the year, a few layers to make the air or to be sewn from the wedges.
Choose a hairstyle for your bride.If her head is not supposed presence of a veil, you can draw a loose hair coming down over her shoulders in waves.If the veil is necessary to draw curls framing the face, and the rest of the hair collected in a complicated hairstyle.You can also use the latest trends in fashion, for example, to draw a Greek braid or place a stylish haircut.
Complete drawing details.Draw the arms, legs and neck.Draw heeled shoes, gloves, if necessary, ornaments on the neck and in her hair.Try to observe a single style of decor elements, shoes, dress and hairstyle.Do not forget about the traditional wedding bouquet.
Draw a face.For the bride make-up is required, not aggressive, but noticeable.Give features of tranquility, serenity, joy.
Paint drawing.To dress is best to choose a white color, but you can use shades of creme brulee, champagne or ivory.To dress does not look flat, Draw folds on it to highlight their cool shade, and at the fold of the material put down the glare.To veil and other lightweight parts dresses looked transparent, use large amounts of water and be sure to draw what is under these elements.