you need
  • - album sheet;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - cans of paint;
  • - primer.
Choose a tag.By choosing Treat very seriously.After all, for him you will learn.Be original - tag should be bright and memorable.Decide on the characters - letters and numbers.The length of the tag limit 4-5 marks.
first tag Draw in pencil on paper.First, decide the arrangement of symbols.They can come for one another, to be at different levels of height, interwoven parts, go to the front or to remain in the background, etc.Make outlines signs simple lines.
then experiment with standard straight outlines, adding unusual curls, arching and breaking the boundaries of symbols, reducing and increasing the space inside the letters, for ex
ample, the letter "O" or "e".Now, add the volume of letters - draw extra lines, repeating the basic shape.Pick colors - paint the image tag.
find a suitable site to draw.Please note that to paint the walls of public buildings can not!It is fraught with imprisonment up to 10 years!However, there are a huge number of abandoned buildings, or fences in the quiet lanes or on construction sites.Look closely to the structure of the wall.If it is built of porous blocks, make a primer to avoid overspray.
Choose a suitable paint.With its mid-priced cartridges.Calculate your desired number based on the fact that one cartridge lasts for 1 sq m of the area brushing.
Apply outline tag with a fine spray jet.Use your pattern shown in pencil.Gradually tag sketched.A very important point - do not stop when spraying, otherwise they will begin to flow.To remove them, wait for a while, that the paint has dried, and then paint.
Use stencils.They do yourself - cut out of cardboard or other dense material desired pattern.Attach to the wall and paint.So very well draw a strictly straight lines.