you need
  • - paint (Aquacolor);
  • - brush №3 and №5;
  • - palette.
Pre-wash your face and dry the baby, put him on a chair, asked not to turn his head.Prepare a paint brush, water and palette.In Aquacolor has five primary colors red, yellow, blue, black, white.Desired hues are obtained by mixing.To display cat you need only two basic colors: white and black.
begin with white paint.First view on face muzzle kitten.From the middle of the nose to the chin smooth linyami draw the shape of a pear and paint.Then go brush on the upper eyelids to the corner of the ey
e closest to the nose.From the upper eyebrow brush Draw the shape of the arc, then on the cheeks to the ears of the child spend two strips.On the lower eyelid, draw a line to the corners of his eyes.
black paint, draw the tip of the nose, paint its wings.Go to her lips, full of color and add a line on both corners of the mouth, about 2 cm. Muzzle side cheeks put five points on each side and add two - three segment.Circle the upper and lower eyelids black thin line, this brush is suitable №3.Eyebrows paint with black paint, giving them the shape of little ears, make mid-brow "pointed."
second option is to draw a cat face slightly different.Paint over the entire face with white paint, stepping back from the beginning of the forehead by 7 cm. Unpainted middle of the forehead, close to the eyebrows, draw the ears.Allow the paint to dry a little bit.Black paint swipe lines around the eyes, giving them the shape of a butterfly's wings.Then paint the tip of the nose and mouth, making a smile as wide as possible.Mix black and white colors in the palette, and got gray face paint around the edges of the strip.Let them be not quite smooth, slightly wavy.Circle ears and Doris strips on the forehead.If you want to portray the front teeth, then on the lower lip of white paint, draw them.Kitten ready!