you need
  • models soldiers, dishwashing liquid, primer for metal white or gray, special acrylic paints, fine brushes, nail polish.
First select the soldiers themselves - carefully consider miniatures, they should be well molded, with no cracks and thick seams.These flaws, of course, can be corrected, but it is better to select models of high-quality, high detail.If you just decide to do the coloring of soldiers, you'd better buy one piece figures - assembled parts may have to fit together.
Wash selected models in a solution of dishwashing liquid - it is well degreasing, making it easier priming.Put soldiers to dry on a clean
sheet of cardboard or paper, they must dry completely.Take a can of primer and thoroughly shake it.Spray the first coat from a distance of 20-30 cm, carefully and accurately prokrashivaya all the details.Give thumbnails to dry for thirty minutes.
Take the thickest brush and start to paint the base - Thin the paint with water (four parts of paint, one water), paint the great items, ignoring the fact that paints the fine.Now imagine how the light falls, you have to figure out where to draw the shade, and where lighten model.To draw chiaroscuro paint, dilute 1: 1, so as not to create a thick sagging.Smooth transitions wet brush.
hardest face to draw the soldier to take this liquid red-brown paint and fill her face with the figures so that the paint has covered all the details and reveal facial features.On the projecting parts, apply a lighter paint and gently blend the transitions.Whites of the eyes is better not to allocate all, because soldiers often squint from wind, dust and glitter of blades, and look painted proteins of the Marionette.Pupils select a needle with a black paint on the tip.
Weapons in silver metallic color, then add the glare reflective surface - if the blade should be reflected blue coat, apply this shade of light smear on the blade.Some blades are marked places sharpening the blade, make them lighter one tone.
the end parts are drawn figures - belts and canteens, buttons and other accessories.They should draw a bright paint, because otherwise it is impossible to see these little things!Boots paint on the circumstances and the weather on the battlefield - the mud or snow, dust or blood, they will reflect the specifics of theater!Top soldier better varnish of the gun - it will protect your work from abrasion.