you need
  • Aerosol spray paint, stencil, markers, paper, pencil, ladder, mask, gloves, flashlight or other means for lighting, camera
Create your own unique style.The only way you will be able to stand out from the great mass of street artists.In that case, welcome extraordinary imagination, a sense of style and fresh ideas.Learn how to mix colors and create original drawings.Do not forget to come up with his signature, which will show off under your works.
Use traferety.They come in handy if you are just learning to draw.Stencils will help to achieve clarity of lines and create a beautiful composition that will be admired by all passers-by.We produce home-made templates of any material, but it is best to use cardboard, which
should cut the desired letter or image.Stencil will cover part of the wall on which the paint should not be there.
Use spray cans of paint.When you click on them and sprayed paint starts writer can draw.Initially you feel that cans are not too comfortable for this art form, as a broad stream of ink does not allow for clear lines of the drawing.But you need time to understand the specifics of this creation graffiti .Some writers to create an image using markers, which are sold in specialty stores.
Train draw on plain paper.Before you create another masterpiece on the wall, you should learn how to create illustrations on paper using a pencil.And only after that the final image should paint markers and move it to the walls of the houses of the city.
Purchase a respirator that will protect your airway from harmful paint fumes.You will also come in handy ladder and lighting, if you want to draw in the dark.Buy a solvent that will degrease the surface on which the image will be created.So figure it would be better to go to bed and will last longer.