purchase quality markers with a flat end, which will not be washed away with the painted surface in the rain.Do not paint graffiti too cold and windy weather - it makes the process of drawing and laying paint more complicated.
Choose your perfect drawing style.For example, if you're going to draw in Bubble Style, learn draws marker form in the form of bubbles.Figure in a style consists of thick lines that intertwine with each other, creating a three-dimensional image.
Also, you can learn to pai
nt in Wild Style - this is one of the most difficult styles because it is characterized by chaotic interplay of a large number of lines arranged spontaneously and randomly.Create beautiful patterns in this style is very easy.
Before you begin to paint, prepare the background, which will simplify the work and prime the surface for drawing.Cover the surface of the water-dispersion paint or enamel, and then put on the wall of a sketch drawing, drew a basic outline of his thin lines.Then circle the loop more confidently and clearly.
Next Draw internal filling of your drawing, and then proceed to the final trim.Improvise in the process of drawing - picture may change, your sketch is not static and final.
connect imagination and create original graffiti, and then complete the final design touches, modify edging, make the color more intense and bright, add author details in the picture.If the paint flowed - Wait until it is dry, and paint it.