you need
  • sheet of watercolor paper hot stamping size 56 * 38 cm, pencil Conte Sepia, mastic eraser, ornamental knife.
Schedule pose.Learn the basic lines of the body and limbs tennis player, then his figure pencil scribble sepia Conte.Draw a slightly curved line running through the head, torso and left leg shapes.Label the basic forms of the figures, using circles and ellipses.
Draw head.Show the angle of the hand, spending for this slanted line across the center line of the body.Draw the right hand, and then - his left hand, in which the player holds tennis balls.Play tissue tension, stressing it was available on the crease.
Draw head.Head tennis thrown back, so it should be to represent in the future - like "bringing together" the facial features and ears, having at chin level.Label the eyes, mouth and nose tip.Add shadows lying along the hairline, under the chin and below, at the base of the neck.
Work on the figure.Shaded racket handle and draw some of its strings.Shade shaded areas under the right elbow and forearm models.Draw the new folds of fabric, with their help, describing the shape of the body of tennis.
Draw legs.The left leg is in the shadow of a tennis player - accentuate it, causing her tonal shading.Darken the same way the right leg bent, while not touching the illuminated surface of the right thigh.Add a thick line showing how to fold the fabric is going to belt shorts.
Draw shoes.Draw her laces and stitching, and then portray them thick soles.Cover patterned top and right toe shoes and the side left shoe.
specify details.Emphasize the contours of the legs and shoes of tennis.Apply moderate in intensity tone on the right forearm and deepen the shadow cast on the shirt left hand.Draw a few wrinkles in the place where the shirt tucked into pants.