you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser, ruler, paint.
Prepare the materials needed for the work.Using a ruler, divide a sheet of paper placed horizontally, exactly half.Using a pencil, a thin vertical line in the middle of the sheet.Do not press hard on the pencil, because at the end of the line you are drawing erase eraser.
On the left side, draw a profile of a man.Begin with light strokes to paint from his forehead, gradually descending lower.For the convenience of the drawing, you can map out any facial features.Only at the end of the work you will have to erase them.The profile can not transfer traits of a real person.You can make the profile of the fantastic character (for example, Baba Yaga, with its large nose and protruding c
hin).You can draw a slightly simplified profile - stylized.To do this, do not focus on the accuracy of the transmission parts of the face.
After the profile is created on the one hand - draw a mirror is exactly the same on the opposite side of the sheet.This will help you The middle vertical line.Celebrate a pencil or ruler distance from the points of the first profile to the median line, and lays them on the opposite side.Then, on these points, all the while referring to the first profile, build a second profile.
There is another option of building a second profile.To do this, fold the paper in half, where passes the middle of the vertical line.Fold the sheet of drawing out.Next, attach the folded sheet to the glass window and draw a pencil reflected by the first profile in the second half of the sheet.Then straighten the paper and make the line more precisely, traced them brighter.Eraser to remove the vertical line and any figure flaws.
Optical illusion is almost ready.To complete a pencil or a paint shade dark paint (better gouache, although the suit, and watercolor) Two painted profile.And if you look closely, you can see one picture, two images at once.This two portraits in profile and vase bizarre.